Come on over!

Come on over!

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Welcome! My friends call me Nikki but my most beloved name is Mommy. I am a published author, entrepreneur, chef, referee, night owl and lover of books. I navigate this world with my two little sidekicks that absolutely keep me on my toes. Friends and family that I adore even though we are spread throughout the United States. In today’s world I finally decided to take a leap and follow my dreams, publish my books and work for myself full-time. I absolutely love it however, there are stressful days and nights but it is all worth it. My books are currently available on Amazon and you can find the links on the works page of the site. 

This blog will hopefully bring some laughs and conversations that we all as parents need or want to discuss. Thanks for being here and see you all in the next blog.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. Since a young age writing was a very needed way of escaping to places unknown. I remember writing my first "book" in my bedroom as a youngling. The love of poetry and writing just continued to grow through my adolescent, teen, and adult years. I never really shared my stories or poetry with anyone until I was older and more comfortable with rejection. Expressing my feelings through words is something that no one can ever take from me. Today as a mother of two rambunctious children I find myself writing educational, poetry, and romance works of art. In my educational works you can always find a hidden message that hopefully will make you not only evaluate yourself but think about others. My romance novels and poems are super steamy and definitely for a mature audience. No matter the genre that I am writing for I just hope that the world enjoys every moment.

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