Happy Memorial Day!

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Well Happy Memorial Day everyone. What a busy weekend this has been. I not only worked today but I actually worked all weekend. I have spent a lot of this weekend working on my next books and working on getting my blog up and going. Most of all working on monetizing my blog and promoting my current books, journals, and planners.

Last week I released “The Little Dragon” which is a book about having patience, and not trying to compare yourself to anyone else because you are one of a kind. As a mother of two children I often see that my children worry about what others think of them. I try my best to encourage them to not only be 100% themselves but to not allow people to run over them or talk them into believing that they are not perfect just the way they are. I mean kids these days are mean. Schools are at times over run by bullies.

Today’s society makes it hard for boys and girls to feel comfortable in their skin. They see these models these days that are stick thin in videos, movies, and magazines and that is what they think they should be. I am so glad that more apparel locations or stores are showing items on models in all sizes, shapes, colors and backgrounds. I think its awesome for kids and adults to see all shapes and sizes and not feel as if they have to fit a certain mold. We were all created different and to be honest I think its a beautiful thing.

Me, I always tell my children I love them and that they are beautiful or handsome depending on which kid I am talking to. I try my best to encourage them to try new things and learn as much as they can. I always ask them how their day has been when I pick them up from school and pray with them every night.

So Moms and Dads what do you do to help your children keep a positive image of themselves?


Writing has always been a passion of mine. Since a young age writing was a very needed way of escaping to places unknown. I remember writing my first "book" in my bedroom as a youngling. The love of poetry and writing just continued to grow through my adolescent, teen, and adult years. I never really shared my stories or poetry with anyone until I was older and more comfortable with rejection. Expressing my feelings through words is something that no one can ever take from me. Today as a mother of two rambunctious children I find myself writing educational, poetry, and romance works of art. In my educational works you can always find a hidden message that hopefully will make you not only evaluate yourself but think about others. My romance novels and poems are super steamy and definitely for a mature audience. No matter the genre that I am writing for I just hope that the world enjoys every moment.

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